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Jean Carl Moubarak

VP External 

Jean Carl is currently in his 3rd year as a bioresource engineering student. As VP External, he represents the BEA on the regional, provincial and national levels. An outspoken defender of students’ rights, JC always makes sure that BEA members’ interests are always upheld. Though his job as VP is paramount, this avid music aficionado also enjoys composing, producing and playing tunes in his rare free time.

Nardine Hanna


Honored to be your president! Nardine is a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing her studies in Bioresource Engineering at McGill University. She came all the way from the land of the pyramids and has enjoyed her time as a member of the Bioresource community. To give back, her aim is to organize and provide enjoyable events and helpful services to Bioresource Engineering students and to provide them with an enriching and fun experience at Macdonald Campus!

VP Finance

Julia Ethier

VP Internal

Guillaume Gary

Guillaume is in his fourth year of Bioresource Engineering and has been involved in the Bioresource Engineering Association since the beginning of his degree. As VP Internal, he coordinates all internal communications and activities of the BEA including the Integration, Mactoberfest, Christmas Party, many of the house crawls and other special events. Do not hesitate to reach him even if he is running around Macdonald Campus. Guillaume is always available to listen to your questions, comments and suggestions.

VP Sponsorship

Ellen Feigl

Ellen is in her fourth year in the Bioresource Program and represents the BEA as VP Sponsorship. Along with the VP Finance, she develops partnerships with local companies, in order to build bridges that benefit everyone. Whether it’s establishing contacts, meeting with potential sponsors or writing up agreements, she wants to ensure the team has enough funds to make their ideas come true. She loves helping people where she can and learning more about what others are passionate about.

QEC Coordinator 

Nick D'Ambrosio

Nick is in his third year of Bioresource Engineering and is in charge of organizing the events and information for Bioresource students who want to participate in the Quebec Engineering Competition. He aims to promote inter-university competition in a variety of categories such as engineering consulting and design. If you’re interested in competing, don’t hesitate to reach out.

U2 Representative

U2 Representative

Jonathan Salama-Siroishka


Jonathan is in his second year of Bioresource Engineering and the representative for the second year students of the faculty. His first year being part of the Bioresource Engineering Association, he is proactive and ready to help his fellow students in any way possible. Outside of the BEA, Jonathan is part of the Macdonald Campus Woodsmen sports team and the Mac Robotics Club. Feel free to stop him at any time with your questions or even just to chat.

Hedya is currently in her third year of Bioresource Engineering and represents the BEA in front of the Macdonald Campus Students Society. Her role is to improve the studying environment on the MacDonald campus and benefit from all the opportunities the campus has to offer. If you have any concerns about the campus feel free to reach out to her with any questions or suggestions to make campus better.

MCSS Delegate

Hedya Ferdjani

Currently a third-year undergrad student in Bioresource Engineering, Julia has been involved in the BEA since her beginning at McGill. She is currently the VP Finance, and will make sure that the BEA’s budget is serving students in their best interest. Outside of the campus, Julia loves to spend time in nature to either go for a hike or a climb.

VP Communication and Services

Danny Amon

Danny is in his fourth semester at Mac and is VP Communications and Services of the Bioresource Engineering Association. That means it is his job to connect you with the BEA and make sure you are up to date with everything you need to know. He also takes care of the Bioresource Undergraduate Lounge. Feel free to contact him at any time if you have any questions about events, the BEA or to complain about the lack of coffee in the lounge.

U1 Representative

Elodie Chatel


Elodie is in her first year of Bioresource Engineering and she is representing the first year students in the BEA. She is only starting in the organization, but she loves to be involved in all type of activities. She is always open to receive any suggestions regarding things we could do for the U1. She can’t wait to earn more experience and grow within the organization. Outside of school, Elodie loves to travel, meet people, run, hike and be outside.

EUS Representative

Alice Perié

Starting her 3rd year in Bioresource Engineering, Alice will represent the voice of all bioresource student at the EUS Council downtown. She will be the active link between both campuses and will be happy to answer any questions regarding what the downtown campus has to offer.

Having had the chance to travel and live in many countries, Alice is always looking to meet new people. She enjoys exchanging conversation with everyone so feel free to reach her at any time!

VP Academics

Rachael Warner

Rachael is in her third year of Bioresource engineering at McGill. As VP Academic, she communicates with the faculty, plans workshops and industry visits. She aims to give students chances to network and knowledge about possible employment opportunities in post-Bioresource life. Outside of school you’ll find her rock climbing or seeking out live music.

Career Services Committee 

Lizzy Filine


Lizzy is a second year Bioresource Engineering student at McGill University. As a part of the career services committee, she will be working with other organizations at McGill both on the Macdonald campus and in the Engineering department downtown to ensure that Bioresource Engineering students are aware of and have access to as many careers and internship opportunities as possible.

U3/U4 Representative

Sarah-Jane Ghazal

Sarah is in her third year of Bioresource Engineering and is in charge of representing third and fourth year Bioresource students in front of the executive board. Even though it is her first year being involved in the BEA, she will make sure that all the problems you face are being handled accordingly and that your voices are heard within the association! Don’t hesitate to come to her with any suggestions to improve your student life.


Leen Mardini

Stuck between U1 and U2, Leen suffers from French Bac Outside of Quebec Syndrome, which pushes her to take classes from both years at the same time. This year, she’s part of the BEA as the photographer of the association. If you see someone walking around campus with a camera, running late to class, it's probably her. Leen also loves helping out and cannot wait to see the association grow! During her free time, you will find her drawing, painting or roaming around discovering new places.

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