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Inès Serghini

VP External 

I am in my third year and looking forward to representing (virtually…lol) for the second time BESS across Quebec and Canada as your VP External. By taking on this role I will have the responsibility to report and communicate the points and issues raised at the conferences and meetings attended. My portfolio also includes being head of the BESS delegation at the Quebec Engineering Competition as well as at the Canadian Engineering Competition. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or suggestions.

Katherine Palevsky


My name is Katie and I am honoured to be your president! I am in my fourth and final year in Bioresource Engineering and I plan on making it count. While this year presents its own set of challenges due to the global pandemic we face, I could not be more optimistic with regards to the opportunities it opens up. The shift to remote learning and virtual communications has already allowed us to reach people that we previously couldn't, expanding our network significantly. As we tackle this year, I encourage you all to make your voices heard and reach out to us with feedback, concerns, or simply to chat!


VP Internal

Luc Roy

Hi, my name is Luc, your new VP internal this year. I am enthusiast to organise events and try to transform that Covid boring year into an exciting one with online activities. It is my second year on the BESS council and my third year in the program. I am a French speaking farmer who got out from Québec’s wood to study Bioresource, but don’t worry, I don’t bite. Don’t hesitate to reach to me in case you need anything or want to organise an activity, we will make it reality!


VP Finance

Sean Clarke

VP Industry Affairs

Jennyfer Liang​​

Hello everyone, 

My name is Jennyfer. It’s my second year in BREE. I’m really excited to be your new VP Industry Affairs and to represent our wonderful program within the engineering industry. I aspire to fulfill my position to the fullest by seeking sponsorships to provide you an enriching student experience from the comfort of your home. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities and appreciate the best of what nature has to offer!

20201006_164920 (1).jpeg

VP University Affairs

Alex Audi

Hi! My name is Alex and I am your BESS Vice President of University Affairs this year. I will be representing BESS within MCSS, AESUS and other organizations and I will make sure that students receive the services they need from our society despite the Coronavirus pandemic. I believe that each student's voice should be heard and taken seriously, so please contact me if you have something to say. I am in my final year of Bioresource Engineering and I am passionate about aerospace, renewable energies and machinery. My goal in life would be to contribute to making air travel more sustainable by using alternative fuels or other energy sources that may be developed. Outside of engineering, I run the Macdonald Campus music club and Archery association as well.

I’m a U3 Bioresource Engineering student and will be acting VP, Finance for the 2020-2021 BESS council. As VP Finance, I will be managing the budget and ensuring the complete transparency of fund allocation. In my free time, I enjoy running, spending time with friends, and drinking a questionable amount of coffee.


VP Communication and Services

Olivia St-Pierre

Hello! I’m a U3 Bioresource Engineering student and I am happy to be part of BESS council this year! As VP communications and services, I will make sure information flows well amoung the bioresource engineering community at Mac. All important information will be shared through our facebook page. Stay tuned: we are hosting virtual events! I wish you all a great semester! 


VP Academics

Shimon Takagi

Hi there! My name is Shimon. I am in second year and excited to be your VP Academics this year! As VP Academies, I am the liaison between the students and the faculty and responsible for planning workshops, industry visits, and networking events. Aside from my studies, I enjoy spending an excessive amount of time running, swimming, biking, skiing, etc. With this year being different, I am up for the challenge. Are you? If you have any concerns or suggestions about the program or virtual events, feel free to reach out to me!

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U3/U4 Representative

Roxanne Tremblay


Hi BREE! I’m Roxanne and I am in my third year of Bioresource Engineering. I will be representing U3/U4 students in the BESS this year. My goal is to make sure that all important information will be communicated to my fellow students and that any questions, suggestions or concerns from them will be transmitted to the BESS. I also hope we will be able to organize some fun events even if they are not in person. Feel free to reach out, I will be happy to listen!

U1 Representative

Anna Gleason


My name is Anna Gleason and I am a U1 Bioresource Engineering student. I grew up on a farm and in the middle of nowhere, so I have a very big appreciation for nature and agriculture which is what got me interested in the Bioresource Program at McGill. I did my U0 at Mac as well and I love the atmosphere that Mac Campus has; I feel like I’m surrounded by a bunch of people who are the exact same as me(which is awesome!). I’m a part of the Mutrac club on campus and that really gave me a feel to the BREE student community. In my free time I love playing my ukulele, being outside, and exercising.

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