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2018 - 2019


VP External

Sarah Ghazal

Sarah-Jane is currently in her 4th year as a bioresource engineering student. As VP External, she represents the BESS on the regional, provincial and national levels. She will make sure to take full advantage of the platform she's given to bring engineering student's issues to light and to take an active role in solving them. She is also in charge of forming a skilled delegation that will represent the BESS at the Quebec Engineering Competition, as well as at the Canadian Engineering Competition. If you have any concerns about your program, or if you feel like participating in the competitions, don't hesitate to reach out to her!


VP Academics

Hedya Ferdjani

Hedya is in her fourth year of Bioresource engineering at McGill. As VP Academic, she is the liaison between the students and the faculty. She is responsible for planning workshops, industry visits, networking events to give the chance to students to benefit from all the opportunities that the program has to offer.  She aims to make sure that student academic rights are respected. If you have any concerns about the program or want to improve the studying environment, feel free to reach out to her with any questions or suggestions.


VP University Affairs

Elodie Chatel

Elodie is in her second year of Bioresource Engineering and she is representing the BESS within other organisations such as MCSS, EUS, AESUS and others as the VP University Affairs. She is in her second year in the council after being U1 representant last year. She wants the BESS to grow and wants it to provide more services to students. She thinks students should have their interests well represented within the MCSS and AESUS. Outside of school, Elodie loves to travel, meet people, run, hike and be outside.

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JC Moubarak

After a year as VP External of the Bioresource Engineering student assembly, JC continues his involvement in our council as B.E.S.S. president. Relentlessly striving for everyone's best interests, he is dedicated to improve and enhance the McGill Engineering experience by focusing specifically on matters such as extra-curriculars, mental health and career opportunities. As a leader, he is always devoted to answering students' concerns as well as maintaining an fruitful and efficient work environment within the council.


VP Finance

Nick D'Ambrosio

Nick is in his fourth year in Bioresource engineering and is proud to be your VP Finance this year! By managing the funds and budget, he ensures the BESS can keep providing students with a fun and enriching student experience throughout the year. In his spare time, he likes to run, bike, and be outside.


VP Internal

Alice Perie 

During her last year of Bioresource Engineering, Alice will be your VP Internal. With her strong background as an orientation week coordinator, she will be in charge of organizing events for Bioresource students. This includes the first year integration, Mactoberfest, the Christmas party, the joint winter banquet with the other Engineering departments etc.. Don’t hesitate to come and see her if you have other ideas/suggestions as she is always open for change and will be more than happy to listen to you and help you develop a great event for the Bioresource community.


VP Industry Affairs

Katie Palevsky

VP Communication  


Leen Mardini

Leen is in her third year. This year, she's responsible of connecting you with the BESS and making sure you are up to date with everything you need to know. She also takes care of the Bioresource Undergraduate Lounge. Feel free to contact her at any time if you have any questions about events, the BESS or to complain about the new lounge. 

Katie is a second year bioresource engineering student and represents BESS as VP Industry Affairs. She works to create and develop partnerships with companies and industry professionals. In doing so, she hopes to be able to fund students’ participation in the Quebec Engineering Competition this year. Katie is happy to be a part of such a dynamic team and strives to bring together the bioresource community. In her free time, she loves getting outside, discovering new sights and being in touch with nature.



Keli Trumpler

Keli is in her second year at McGill University as a Bioresource Engineering student as well as the representative of the second year students in the program. Her role is to assure that vital information is relayed to the students of her year while also being their voice during council meetings. She is glad to be involved and keen to start helping enhance McGill student life. She will gladly receive with open ears any concerns, questions or suggestions you may have so feel free to contact her any time!

U1 Rep

Chloe Wells

U4 Rep

Patrick Colmenares

Patrick is in his fourth year of Bioresource Engineering and represents the third and fourth year students in the BESS. He will work hard on voicing the opinions, ideas, thoughts and concerns of the U3 & U4 students. His goal is to link the students to the student society to ensure an optimal university experience. Don’t hesitate to come see him or to contact him at any time for suggestions.

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