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2019 - 2020


VP External

Inès Serghini

 Inès is in her second year and is looking forward to representing BESS across Quebec and Canada as your VP External. By taking on this role she will have the responsibility to report and communicate the points and issues raised at the conferences and meetings attended. Her portfolio also includes forming a BESS delegation for the Quebec Engineering Competition as well as for the Canadian Engineering Competition. 


VP Academics

Sree Cherukumalli

Sree is in her third year of Bioresource engineering at McGill. As VP Academic, she is the liaison between the students and the faculty. She is responsible for planning workshops, industry visits, networking events to give the chance to students to benefit from all the opportunities that the program has to offer.  She aims to make sure that student academic rights are respected. If you have any concerns about the program or want to improve the studying environment, feel free to reach out to her with any questions or suggestions.

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Leen Mardini

As her last full year, Leen is excited to be your president after being part of the student society for 2 consecutive years! She values a good working environment for a student council to thrive and is happy to be surrounded by a motivated student body. If you have any concerns, or just want to voice your opinion, make sure to reach out to her and she will be ready to listen and more than happy to help! 


VP Finance

Shamus McGuire

Shamus is in his fourth year in Bioresource engineering and is proud to be your VP Finance this year! By managing the funds and budget, he ensures the BESS can keep providing students with a fun and enriching student experience throughout the year. In his spare time, he likes to run, bike, and be outside.


VP Internal

Meaghan Kilmartin

During her last year of Bioresource Engineering, Meaghan will be your VP Internal. With her strong background as an orientation week coordinator, she will be in charge of organizing events for Bioresource students. This includes the first year integration, Mactoberfest, the Christmas party, the joint winter banquet with the other Engineering departments etc.. Don’t hesitate to come and see her if you have other ideas/suggestions as she is always open for change and will be more than happy to listen to you and help you develop a great event for the Bioresource community.


VP Industry Affairs

john photo.png
Keli Trumpler

Keli Trumpler is thrilled to be VP Industry Affairs on the BESS for the 2019-2020 school year. With experience on the council this past year as the U2 representative, she was able to see the work of current members in action. She hopes to continue the trend of their successes and enhance the connection between Bioresource students and engineers working in the industry. Raising funds through sponsorship to support the participation of students in extracurricular activities is also another main priority of hers. 


VP Communication  

& Services

John Lan

While thoroughly enjoying his second year in the program, John will also be serving the students of Bioresource as VP Comms. While keeping everyone up to date on Bioresource events and news, John also intends on bringing the spotlight to the program's various opportunities of involvement such as clubs. As an individual who prides himself on his listening skills, he also hopes to be a reliable first point of contact when connecting with the Bioresource Engineering Student Society.


VP University Affairs

U3/U4 Representative

Shubhanker Joshi

Shub is in his third year of Bioresource Engineering and he is representing the BESS within other organizations such as MCSS, EUS, AESUS and others as the VP University Affairs. He is in his second year in the council after being U1 representant last year. He wants the BESS to grow and wants it to provide more services to students. He thinks students should have their interests well represented within the MCSS and AESUS. Outside of school, Shub loves to travel, meet people, run, hike and be outside.

Daniil Katkov

Daniil (no, you're not seeing double, there really are two 'i's!) is the link between U3/U4s and BESS. He has a particular focus on keeping BESS's activities and spending in line with the needs and wants of Bioresource students. His hopes are to help in implementing easier access to information and to organize small group gatherings!

U1 Representative

Terra Vanstone

Terra Vanstone, is currently in her U1 year in Bioresource Engineering and is
interested in getting involved in the BREE community by representing her fellow classmates as U1 Representative. She is motivated and takes an interest in the opinions of others. On campus, she enjoys being involved in Mutrac and intramural volleyball. Before arriving at Macdonald Campus, she was still unsure if BREE was the right fit for her post-secondary studies but since being here and seeing what this major has to offer, she cannot imagine herself studying anything else. I would love to show my enthusiasm for our program through this position on BESS. 

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