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The Bioresource Engineering Student Society (BESS) is the association that represents undergraduate students enrolled in the Bioresource (B.Eng) program at McGill University. Our services range from organizing campus-wide events to career planning and information seminars. In addition, we organize dinner outings, networking opportunities and social events for our members.


The Department of Bioresource Engineering is internationally recognized and renowned for its rigorous academic standards, its outstanding faculty, and its commitment to research.

The department offers streams in various areas of biosystems which fall under three main categories: the bioprocessing, bioproduction, and bioenvironmental streams. These cover a wide range of topics including ecological engineering (ecosystem modeling, design, management, and remediation), water resources management (hydrology, irrigation, drainage, water quality), mechatronics and robotics, food engineering and processing, post harvest technology, plant and animal environments, waste management and the protection of the environment, artificial intelligence, and agricultural machinery.

BESS is a non-profit association. All our proceeds go towards providing our students with valuable services.

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